Building a Polly VI locomotive from a kit

Kit 3

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6th December 2014

Kit 3 has the following parts

2 Banjo bolts
2 Banjos
Axle pump
Ram and "O" rings
2 Coupling Rods
4 Connecting Rods
Pump Eccentric
Crank Pins Caps
4 Split pins
Coupling Chain
2 Links
8 Oilers 
(already fitted)
 2 Wheels
3 Springs
Spring Bracket
Axle Bracket
2 Cow horns
Spring Rod
Top Nut
Vertical Spring
Sliding Nut
Pony Frame
Pivot Bolt
kit 3
7th December 2014

The pony axle as supplied did not have centre drill holes so as I do have a metal working workshop I was able to use my lathe to drill  the missing holes in each end of the axle which are necessary to enable easy painting of the wheel as I showed in Kit 2.

Also the wheels were very tight on the reduced axle end but with the axle in the lathe an an application of wet and dry the smallest amount was removed the wheel to slide onto the axle as expected.

The painting was carried out in the same way as for the main loco wheels but without the wheels secured to the axles that will done later.
wheel painting 4
9th December 2014

The pump also is in this kit and is required to be painted.

The machined holes must not be painted so you will see in the next photo the paper bungs !

Here I have used a special primer for difficult materials.

Good ventilation is required so an extractor fan was running during the spraying and long after !

primed pump
Then  later in the evening I was able to do the first coat of Red undercoat
pump undercoated
Building up the pony unit I found that holes had been tapped in both the larger and smaller U shaped Aluminium pieces. Try as I might I could not make the two pieces sit close together. I decided to drill out the smaller U shaped piece to 4mm the size of the bolt.

With this done the two piece matted well together  and thus they were tighten up fully.

Then the other larger part of the pony unity was bolted to the matted pieces. The bearing holes were filled with kitchen roll to prevent ingress of paint.

I decided to spray with the primer for special materials overall and the parts can be seen hanging up to dry.

pony unit
Much later in the evening the Black Undercoat was applied pony undercoated
14th December 2014

So now with the paint dry it is time to assemble to Pony. As has been seen from the above sections it has all been painted and now was the time to put a split pin on the rod, then a spring followed by the centre nut then and additional spring and finally secure with a split pin.

pony assembly
Now it was the time to fit one of the wheel to the pony. It was especially important to close the axle and the wheel. For this I used Cellulose cleaner in a well ventilated area to make sure there is no possibility of any grease, oil or dirt on the components.

A small amount of the Loctite 603 adhesive was applied to the  shaft and the wheel put on with a turning action and then a final 360 degree turn of the wheel up against the axle stop.

This had then to be left for the adhesive to cure.

I have used this before and there is no point rushing to the next part until the setting has well and truly taken place.
pony assembly 2
This next part is the difficult part or as they say in the instruction "Now for the Fun Part".

In fact I found that the bushes were not pushed fully in but about 0.5mm so adjustment was made in my workshop. If I not done this the wheel which goes on next would not sit down on the shoulder of the axle.

First a small amount of oil need to be put in the axle bushes bearing surfaces .

The the axle is slide through the bushes, a check made that there is no oil on the location where the wheel will sit and then a small amount of the Loctite 603 is applied. and  the wheel put on again with turning action.

Then all you can do is hope that you have not put on too much Loctite and after 5 minutes a check is made to ensure the wheels turn!

Phew - success I achieved success and it must now be left overnight to fully cure..
pony assembly 3
15th December 2014

The wheels still go round so on with the next bit.

The hole for the fixing of the pony to the chassis needed a bit of easing with a round file to allow the fixing bolt for go home fast.

I have started to paint the Cow Horns and Axle and they will be completed of the next few days.

pony assembly 4
21st December 2014

Time has come to fit the coupling and connecting rods.

The picture does not show clearly that without attention using a flapper wheel the finish was not that of model engineering seen in clubs as it was raw from manufacture. Not that that was bad vbut even in the build notes it was suggested "You may wish to improve on the commercial finish with emery cloth or flap wheel before fitting.

connecting rod
Again not a wonderful photo to show the improvement but I will put that down to me not setting up lighting to achieve a better photo!
connecting rod
The coupling and connecting rod all installed. connecting rods
21st December 2014

Here you can see the pump body installed. However before installation the various parts had to be put together as per the build instructions.

I found that the Compression washers to go under the bolt head were fractionally too small so had to be eased out with a small round file.

The bolt have not been tightened down but that left loose until the pipework is installed.

pump part installed
23rd December 2014

The Pump Eccentric was checked to be a good fit to the Eccentric Strap and was fitted in place.

A small mark was made on the top of the strap to ensure that is was assembled correctly as instructed in the bilud instructions.

The cottar pin was installed through the pump ram through the Pump Eccentric and as there was plenty of space a washer placed on before securing with the split pin.

The wheel assembly is now very tight to turn but as they do turn them running in will easy the stiffness.
pump installed
So this is the chassis as at the of Kit 3. I have decided not to put the chain on but for the moment just to leave the hook bare.
chassis kit3
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