Building a Polly VI locomotive from a kit

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polly 5
This is a Polly VI as completed by a friend a few years ago, and as displayed at the London Model Engineering Exhibition in 2015

first run
This is my loco driven by me immediately after its successful steam test on 16th August 2015
This Web Site is all about my building of a live steam locomotive which I bought from Polly Model Engineering  as a machined kit in late 2014 and the build continued into 2015.

This is not  detailed instructions but just my thoughts on the kits and the fun I have had putting them together.

DISCLAIMER : The information given on this web site  is just how I built the kits. It is not, nor must it be considered as, instruction nor advice. You are welcome to use the information on this web site but do so entirely at your own risk as I accept no responsibility whatsoever. The web site is a log of how I built a Polly VI.