The building of a Stuart S50 Engine

Introduction 26th October 2017

Having visited the Warwickshire Engineering show in October 2017 the thought in my head was to what to build after I had completed my Stirling Single Steam Locomotive.

The were many engines to consider and I mentioned this to my good friend Paul Stephens who said "Do not buy anything until I have seen you". This intrigued me.

So on the evening of the 25th October 2017 Paul turned up with a plastic bag and a box of parts as shown in the adjacent picture.

The engine is one that Paul bought several years ago for his father Phil who sadly died before being able to machine up the parts to make the engine.

When completed a name plate should be made to indicate "Phil's Engine".

I have also bought from Stuart's a book on the building of their vertical engine which will be a great help when the construction of this engine starts.

The order of construction
I am basing the order on construction of the parts as outlined in the book "Building a Vertical Steam Engine" as updated in a reprint in 2005 but the S50 being a horizontal engine the order might change and there will be different parts to make.

The Castings

Small parts
Diary of build