The building of a Stuart S50 Engine


5th October 2018

I now turn to the eccentric the cast parts for the eccentric One side was machine flat and then the part was reversed and was centred in a three draw chuck using a dial test indicator and machine to thickness.

The photo show the part brought to thickness.

A centre was used to make the preliminary start for a drill which followed in stages up to 1/2” and the a boring bar completed the job

Next eccentric centre was machined to size and before parting off and a mark was made on the outer and for the 3/32 inch throw The parting off was then completed.
6th October 2018

The Eccentric strap had to be drilled and tapped 7BA so that the link can screw into it and keep in place the strap of the eccentric.

The photo shows the Eccentric strap and eccentric kept in place by the linkage screwed into the strap.

The linkage buckle is the smallest parts I have ever made as it is only 1/4" wide and 3/8" long.

It took about 2 hours to make as my vice would not easily hold such a small part.

And to the end of the linkage which drives then slide valve.