The building of a Stuart S50 Engine

Steam chest and cover

22nd September 2018

The Steam Chest was machined top and bottom in the 4 jaw chuck

Then the end was positioned so the the boss was central and the outside brought to size
The boss was then drilled to pass the 3/32" prepared rod by Stuart's and then the end was drill for tapping 3/16" x 40 ME thread

The thread was then tapped.

This is the steam chest completed so far

The steam chest cover was then put into the 4 jaw chuck and the underside machined so that it mates flat with the steam chest.

23rd September 2018

The location of the places to drill the holes were measured and marked and then an optical punch used to correctly position the punch.
The fixing holes were drilled in the cover at tapping size and then will be opened up after they have been used to drill the steam chest.

Using 603 adhesive the steam chest and its cover were attached. This will then be drilled and then separated.

24th September 2018

The steam chest and steam chest cover were successfully stuck together over night (as shown above)  and using the holes drilled in the cover were used as a guide to drill the steam chest 2mm at each end right through and two in the centre not fully through ready to be tapped 7BA

The excess edged of the steam chest were then linished off to size.

The two parts were then separated and the steam chest stuck with 603 to the cylinder in readiness to drill 2mm and then tap 7BA

25th September 2018

The holes were drilled using the cover and steam chest as the guide into the cylinder for the holes which were then tapped 7BA.

The studs are as provided in the kit of parts from Stuart.

Both the steam chest in the steam chest cover were still clearance holes which had to be eased slightly by filing and in the end everything went together well.

The studs will have nuts to fix everything down when the gaskets have been made.

The picture shows the cylinder mounted temporarily on the engine base