The building of a Stuart S50 Engine

Small parts

31st October 2017

Four small spacers had to be made to separate the guide bar from the Boxhead.

The were made and parted off to size and then drilled a clearance hole for 7BA.

10th October 2018

Whilst this is not part of the kit it is very necessary to run the engine on steam.

It is the lubricator to provide steam oil to the steam to enter the cylinder of the engine for which I had to make up the adaptor part to bring steam from the boiler to the lubricator and then onto the engine.

Made from a piece of brass hex bar drilled right through and machined each end for ME 3/8" x 32 and then drilled into the centre ME 1/4" x 32 to mate with the lubricator.

Now the pipe work needs to the silver soldered into the nipples.