Diary of Building Katie from Roundhouse

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11th August 2011

This was a day for running the chassis for a couple of hours and taking a break from the construction.

Then it was off to the local model shop to purchase two Micro servos for the radio control of throttle and forward / reverse.

12th August 2011

This was a day preparation for spray painting by the sue of my sand blaster booth and then giving coats of primer and them top coat to the may painted parts.

The photo shows the assembled cab which was in four parts, the large part was the square cab area, then the rolled front section which also has an insert vin the front to give the appearance of the water tank and lastly the floor which was in two part the main floor and the servo holder for radio control.

As you may be able to see there are local heat marks where some soft soldering was carried out and also when the flux made discolouration.

The photo shows how the sand blasting has removed the discolouration and given a nice satin finished surface to apply the primer.
The primer is applied to the cab and the floor separately but in the photo they have been placed together.
The photo shows the cab painted maroon and the floor black.
The pipe work had to be changed around something that I had not noticed in the instructions until I read the boiler fitting kit instructions.

The air pump was connected up again after the adjustment of the pipework and all ran well.

I shall be fitting "The Summerlands Chuffer" for the Roundhouse Twin Exhaust to enhance the sound of the "CHUFF" "CHUFF" as the loco motive moves.