Diary of Building Katie from Roundhouse

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8th August 2011

The frames have been primed  as have the buffers.

Buffer beams painted and centre buffers fitted.

Used parts count 18

The painted frames  red on the inside and black on the out side now have their buffer beams fitted.

The two axles. Note the square ends to ensure that the quartering of the wheels is correct or more precisely the quartering of the cranks which are set at 90 degrees to each other with the right hand side by tradition leading.

In the photos the 4 insulated wheel have been put on the axles.

Used parts count 24

In the photo the cranks have been fitting by pressing into place by fingers initially and then with a tool makers clamp.

Used parts count 28

The wheel back to back spacing is then set with the special spacer provided ensuring that there is similar end float on each side of the wheel.

As the special spacer and allen key are considered as tools there is no increase in the Used parts count.

The coupling rod that link the motion of the wheel together are next fitted. This takes time as slightly elongating of the crank on each side was required both to the front and rear of the short crank pin. With this completed the wheel rotated 360 Degrees without binding.

Used parts count 32

The two cylinders were removed from the packing
The "Superheater" was removed from the boiler kit and the two "O" required were located inside the union. They were removed in readiness for fitting.
The two cylinders were fitted. Bending of the pipe work was not easy in situ so for the second cylinder the pipework was bent before fitting.

Used parts count 42 including all bolts and washers

Then the valve was placed on the top of the valve seating and a fine "O" ring placed ready to sit in the recess of the valve chest. the valve chest was then carefully put into place and secured lightly by the 2 brass screw.

Used parts count 48

One side of the Super heater was attached having put the union on the pipe followed by the "O" ring

The second valve was silmilarly fitted  and also connected to the super heater.

One additional screw was used to hole one valve chest but 2 additional on the other side.

Used parts count 54