The Diary of the Re-building Baudot 8187

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Day 9 -- The re-painting continues

The tops of the side takes have been polished and a lacquer applied.

A new refurbished brazing hearth was prepared to day particularly to de-solder a fitting on a crushed pipe and refit.   

The trunk of the boiler with the lagging of cork reapplied.
Lagging also applied around the furnace part of the boiler.

The outer lagging applied. The masking tape pulled off the white paint ...  May be that was because the correct primer was not used !!
The axel pump was taken off and checked over. All 100% except for the eccentric which was a little slack so the gap was reduced as tad and now is a nice fit.
So here she is nearly ready for a steam test !!!! BUT what you cannot see is the all the pipe work is not connected and attention to the regulator has not yet been done.
An alternative view ....