The Diary of the Re-building Baudot 8187

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Day 17-- A evening testing

So the night of the evening test before the official steam test.

The fire was lit at 18:00 but it was not until 19:30 that the steam had risen sufficiently to put on the loco's blower.

So what did we learn. The electric blower needs to be run on 24V and not 12V, alteration to the speed controller will need to be made.

The picture show the smoke immediately after lighting the fire.

After about 30minutes the smoke is reducing
The wood is nearly burned and coal will soon be added.
The loco is now running on its own blower and Paul is stoking the boiler with coal.

The steam pressure raised to the working pressure and right on cue the safety valves blew off ... even with the blower full on and a good fire the pressure did not rise.

The injector failed to work so it must be removed from the loco and cleaned out / replaced. It have been removed and put in a vinegar soak to see it it will work. The good news is that there are two others in the spares box ... Maybe one of those will work if this one doe not!!!

The water gauge fitting need to be removed and additional PTFE tape applied and tightened up so that they will not move when the flush out valves are opened.

Baudot is ready for its steam trial on Wednesday 28th February 2007