The Diary of the Re-building Baudot 8187

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Baudot is a name of a loco you may not have come across as I do not know of any loco with that name existing or having existed.

So why has my loco the name Baudot 8187?

Baudot 8187 start in my workshop in 1981 and was completed in 1987. During that period I had a change of hobbies to Amateur Radio, I was interested in RTTY and Baudot was the name given to the code which RTTY (TELEX over radio) used - and still uses to day.

Baudot 8187 was run consistently from 1987 to 1996 when a change back to Amateur radio took place.

The re-build / re-fit call it what ever you like!

So we come to just over ten and the hobby cycle has gone round again and Baudot 8187 ( Baudot for short) is now again in the workshop being stripped down to take a good look at her boiler and all mechanical parts.

When I put Baudot on the bench early evening 19th November 2006 she would not move on her wheels and the problem lay in the right hand side cylinder having a seized piston.

I stripped off the front and rear covers from the cylinder and also took off all the other associated parts so that I could see is a gentle tap with a hammer would coax the piston to slide.

After about 2 hours I succeeded in moving the piston back and forth and re assembled the unit.

The chimney had been damaged when during a move of the loco whilst in store it fell off its wheel trolley and also sustained a point contact with the roof of the cab.

I have done what I can to straighten out the chimney and the picture shows that there is now little damage showing.

Not only was the cab roof damaged but also the rear of the cab. Both will be repaired and improved in the re-build.

This is the underside of the right hand water tank. I noted that it has many too few rivets as I must have got bored drilling all the small holes !!! I will be improving the look of the tank in the re-build.

The supporting members for the tank will be remodelled as at present they do not let the tanks lie level with the ground ... A detail I did not note until today 20th November 2006.

Before the re-build started on 20th November 2006 I decided to make a work shelf to sit over the open draws of the metal topped work bench so that I have space to laid down tools and small pieces.

The unions and pipe have bee detached ready to lift off the right hand side tank.
The side tank is removed and this is a view of the loco that has not been seen for over 20 years!

Quite a lot of runs on parts that should have been painted first time round and will be painted this time round !!!!
This is the left hand side of the loco and you can see the lid of the steam oil dispenser was never properly made after the !real" one was lost on the first ever run!

The union to the side tank is released in readiness for the removal of the tank.

A general view of the side so that I know where things were when I re-assemble.
A general view of the side to enable me to know where parts go on the re-assembly!
Looking at the side of the main frame with boiler above where you can see the brass slide expansion plate which is attached to the boiler.
The boiler banding showing signs of corrosion and also unpainted boiler lag covering -- this will be attended to in the re-build.
Inside the smoke box -- a rather black hole -- who knows what is under the covering of soot!!
The lower part of the smoke box showing the blast pipe (centre) and blower pipe 9coming in from the right).
The bolts holding the smoke box to its support had to be cold chiseled off!!!