Boxford ME10 Lathe


I bought my lathe in about 1978 when I was into the building of one man hover craft and it has been in almost weekly use ever since.

On 4th September 2017 I decided to install a system which converts single phase household supply to three phase to drive a three phase motor. This had been delivered to me a few days before from Power Capacitors

This will give me a variable speed drive at full torque. The motor was up rated from .75 HP to 1 HP, a Jaguar CUB Inverter 5A and a remote Control Station with cables to connect between each unit. The installation was completed over a two day period of 4 hours in total and the old motor keep incase of any failure of the new system.  

Recently I had to change the main drive belt and decided that rather than dismantle the headstock I would use the sectional belting which used to be called "Brammer" V-belt now called Nu T-link A-section 13mm (1/2") (colour now ORANGE) - and very good it has proved to be. Link here to a supplier

Data about the Boxford ME10 is rather scarce so more for my own benefit I list it here.  Please no not rely upon the data without checking its accuracy but it should give you a good starting point.

Boxford ME10 model engineer's lathe


Centre Height


Distance between centres


Bed length


Swing over bed


Swing over cross slide


Centre height above cross slide


Reversing Gears 32T Pressure Angle

Reversing Gears 32T

Other Gears  Various T

14 1/2O

DP 20

DP 14

Spindle nose diameter


Spindle nose

8 TPI Whit. form

Spindle bored to pass        


Spindle internal taper

No.3 Morse

Tailstock internal taper

No.2 Morse

Tailstock travel


Cross slide travel


Tool slide travel


When bought in about 1978 the price quoted was :-

ME10 Lathe 625
OriginalSingle 3/4 HP motor


Milling attachment


Starter wall mounting


3 jaw self centering chuck


4 jaw independent chuck


Drill chuck and no.2 MT


total 893

This is a drawing which establishes from where the centre height is measure.